“Cowboy Sunset”

Cowboy silhouette on aromatic cedar.  Cacti accentuate the background while stones and desert vegetation add details to the “canyon” wall in the foreground.

Sorry, I cannot take a special order for this piece as the wood dictated the work itself.  If you have some unique wood and/or a theme you would like me to work with, please contact me and feel free to send me some photos to see what ideas arise from the color, grain or shape of the wood.   Sometimes, the knots (as with the “sun” in this piece) can make the most interesting part of the artwork. Thank you to Ms. Kathleen Marie for her inspiring thoughts about how the wood calls out to become a piece of art!

“Lurking in the Shadows” – finished project

Jasmine “Jazzy” the tiger from Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler Texas is depicted on birch plywood and framed in a black shadow box.  Both upper layers of bamboo and grass are wood burned on bass wood planks.  Green and white accents are done with Prisma color pencils.  If you want to see some step-by-step photos, click on my “works in progress” page.

This piece is dedicated in loving memory of Vanessa Stringer.  She inspired the piece by her love of nature, especially tigers and insects.  The Red Admiral butterfly is from the genus “Vanessa” of butterflies native to Texas and she always loved tigers, especially Jasmine.  To learn more about Jasmine, visit www.Tigercreek.com